Gate crypto exchange launches a subsidiary in Hong Kong


Gate Group launched a new crypto trade platform in Hong Kong’s crypto sector.

The gate is a popular crypto exchange & at present, this exchange is standing at 11th ranks in the crypto sector by crypto trade volume on the platform. This exchange was founded in 2013. 

Recently Gate Group announced the successful launch of the Gate.HK crypto exchange. This exchange is fully dedicated to providing crypto trade services in Hong Kong’s crypto market for retail as well as Institutional investors. 

Gate exchange aimed to provide the best level of crypto services for the customers, under the newly proposed crypto rules of Hong Kong’s Securities regulatory body.

Gate exchange founder Lin Han confirmed that services of this exchange are available and his team is ready to provide the best crypto services in Hong Kong.

Earlier this, Gate announced its Hong Kong expansion plan in Feb of this year, just after the signal of the new crypto regulation framework rule of the country.

Over the last couple of months, several crypto companies showed Inclination toward Hong Kong’s crypto market because of the new crypto regulation rules.

Before this crypto trading for retail investors was illegal in Hong Kong but now under the new rules all citizens will be legally able to invest in cryptocurrencies. This new rule will come into effect by 1 June. 

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