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Twitter was the first to introduce this feature a few days back, Reddit is now working to bring a similar feature too. Through this feature, Reddit will allow users to display non-fungible tokens as display pictures. This is a limited feature and as Reddit has already begun testing this, it might soon be released for users of Reddit. Other details await to be released as Reddit hasn’t commented about its expandability or capability yet.  

“We’re always exploring ways to provide value for users and communities on Reddit. At the moment, we’re testing the ability to use NFTs as profile pictures (avatars) and verify ownership, “mentioned Tim Rathschmidt, spokesperson of Reddit. “It’s a small, internal test, and no decisions have been made about expanding or rolling out the capability.” The date for the release hasn’t been officially stated by Reddit as of now. 

Reddit users will be able to use this feature without limitations. Users can use just about any NFT to display pictures and not just the Ethereum based NFTs released by Reddit last year. For those unversed, these Ethereum based NFTs were called “CryptoSnoos”. 

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Reddit’s Other Initiatives Around NFTs

Introducing an NFT profile picture feature isn’t the only way Reddit has initiated itself into the NFT space. As mentioned above, the social media platform had released its limited Ethereum based NFT last year. “CrytoSnoos” were derived from Reddit’s alien mascot’s word reference. 

The NFT collectibles were designed on different variations and avatars of Snoo. Designs have varied from a balloon-shaped Snoo to a blocky image of the mascot. At the current moment, Reddit has worked on four such variations and has released its own digital collectibles. 

Reddit had stated that “CryptoSnoos represent some of the most groundbreaking moments in art history.”

Reddit’s own digital NFTs had received quite some flak as some users had called this move “idiotic”. Many users even expressed concerns surrounding the price of the NFTs. In case prices are too expensive, this move could have kept many users from being a part of the ecosystem. 

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Other users had demonstrated neutral opinions about the collectibles. When a user buys a CryptoSnoo NFT, they can link it to their Reddit account. After linking it to their account this NFT image then becomes an avatar on the user’s social media handle. 

Reddit had also launched a page that would comprise all the NFT-related activities at the platform. This platform would solely be dedicated to tracking all the NFT-related activities at 

What Are The Chances That This Feature Would Come To Fruition

It is still quite uncertain if Reddit will even launch this particular feature as there’s still quite a bit of ambiguity surrounding its development. In the event of the feature being launched officially, it would give the NFTs another function. Considering NFTs are expensive purchases, it is only fair that users are given varied opportunities to display these images on as many platforms as possible.

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