How You Can Better Explain Bitcoin To Newcomers



As a seasoned Bitcoiner, are you not at times frustrated that the vast majority out there are still not “getting” Bitcoin? How many more times can you stand hearing that BTC is too expensive, and therefore, ETH or XRP are a better buy?

It’s an adoption curve dilemma: we are early adopters, but statistically speaking most people simply are not. A giant gap is created between those early adopters and later adopters. We are not communicating. We are not reaching them. And it’s on us to figure out what to do about it, as the clock is ticking. Those who receive Cantillon benefits will not rest on their laurels until the middle class has been entirely wiped out. The longer it takes for the general population to become orange-pilled, the more time the bad actors have on their hands to shove their CBDCs down our throats and finish off what they set into motion in 1913.


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