HyperEarn Officially Opens Its Token IDO


Melbourne, Australia, 24th May, 2022, Chainwire

HyperEarn is a new initiative with a defined goal and mission. The team aims to incite a love of sports among its users and help them interact with one another. 

In order to fulfill its mission, HyperEarn intends to use blockchain technology. The HYPERN token IDO has just opened on the market. 

Key Facts about HyperEarn IDO

By participating in the HYPERN IDO, users can be among the first to use this new token. This doxxed team promised several advantages to the early investors who put their hands on HYPERN. 

Specifically, the team has mentioned that the token price will be 1.5 times lower compared to its initial listing quote. The IDO will close on June 20th or earlier if the operation sells out on the market.

The funding round enables investors to contribute at least 0.1 BNB to the project, with a cap of 20 BNB per wallet. 

Additionally, users who purchase HYPERN before the DEX/CEX listings will have the opportunity to participate in the project’s staking mechanism. The HyperEarn team has promised that early stakers would receive complimentary HyperEarn NFTs. 

A reward increase is available to users of HYPERN smart-staking during the IDO phase. There will be a 24-hour period when this incentive is available following the app’s launch on the market. 

Another exciting aspect of the IDO is that early investors wouldn’t need to lock and vest their tokens. The HYPERN amount they buy will be available right away after their purchases. 

How Does HyperEarn Work

In the HYPERN app, there are three basic categories of actions:

  • Watch-to-Earn: Ads implemented by HYPERN can also serve as a way to collect rewards. All users need to do is watch these ads. Advertising on HyperEarn’s platform will fund token buyback and reward distribution mechanisms.
  • Move-to-Earn: A variety of exercises, including walking, running, and jumping, are available for users. GPS technology will help the system calculate distance, calories, heart rate, etc. Of course, this mechanism will co-operate with devices such as smartwatches to collect data.
  • Sleep-to-Earn: People can be rewarded for sleeping well if they follow their sleep schedule. Enjoying a good night’s sleep with no disruption will trigger rewards.

Everything about the HYPERN Token

The HYPERN token is verified on BscScan, and it will have a total supply of 1 billion samples.

The team mainly wishes to allocate the token between its IDO (40%) and staking rewards (20%). 

The remaining part of the funds will go to other types of operations. Specifically, the team allocated 10% for development costs, 10% for  DEX liquidity, 10% for CEX airdrop campaigns, and 5% for CEX liquidity. The remaining 5% will go to the team’s wallet.

HYPERN will have a broad token utility when it goes live. For example, token holders will be able to use it to exchange HyperEarn NFTs. Staking and receiving a yield on tokens is also an essential aspect we need to mention.

The team wishes to reward investors who lead a healthy lifestyle and encourage them to follow a daily schedule.

About HyperEarn

HyperEarn (HYPERN) is a cryptocurrency token that serves as the foundation for the HyperEarn App. The team’s intuition is to provide a slew of advantages to all the token holders.  

As soon as the IDO period is through, you may purchase and sell the token on the DEX and CEX. It will be possible for app users to earn HYPERN tokens by participating in the HyperEarn supplied activities. 

The project’s team boasts the presence of veteran developers coming from several successful start-up initiatives in the past.

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