Bitcoin hater Peter Schiff mints NFTs on Bitcoin 


Infamous Bitcoin hater used the Bitcoin blockchain network to mint NFTs on the ordinals.

Peter Schiff is a global economist. Over the last several years, this guy only slammed Bitcoin & Bitcoin proponents. According to Schiff, Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies are no more than a ponzi investment scheme & backed by no intrinsic value. Opposite to Bitcoin, this global economist supports Gold as the best investment asset.

On 27 May 2023, Peter Schiff announced his NFTs collection on the Bitcoin ordinals.

The whole crypto community is now shocked at how a Bitcoin hater can use Bitcoin to mint his NFTs. This is a good example of hypocrisy. 

Popular crypto influencer Anthony Pompliano welcomed Schiff into the crypto sector but Schiff said that he is not coming into the crypto sector. In short, Shiff said that he is still a Bitcoin hater.

 A crypto enthusiast said that no matter how much he hates Bitcoin, it is a reality that he used his money to purchase Bitcoin to pay for the Bitcoin miners. 

Here this is not only Schiff who hates Bitcoin & crypto but loves to use Bitcoin & crypto. The former US president Donald Trump recently minted NFTs on the Polygon blockchain network and now the current total value of his NTFs is $33,750,000. The whole world knows very well that Trump is a very big hater of cryptocurrencies. 

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