JPMorgan to develop an “IndexGPT” AI bot 


With the help of AI ChatBot, the financial giant will boost its financial services.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. is an American multinational financial services company headquartered in New York City and incorporated in Delaware. It is the largest bank in America and the world’s largest bank by market cap. Under the umbrella of this financial firm, almost all kinds of financial services are available.

The latest reports confirmed that JPMorgan filed for a trademark licence for its IndexGPT with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, on 11 May of this year. 

IndexGPT is a clone of ChatGPT AI ChatBot but it will remain focussed on financial services, not all kinds of possible stuff which are available in the OpenAI’s ChatGPT. 

IndexGPT will help its customers to guide over the services & technical problems they will face. In short, we can say that IndexGPT will work as an online support agent, which will be more intelligent & better than a human support agent.

China toward AI & Web3 

Recently the Chinese government published a White Paper and confirmed that it will fund nearly $13 million per year for the next two years to support development of the AI & Web3 innovations in the country. 

Few crypto proponents claimed that there are huge chances that China may open a portal for the crypto sector to again evolve in the country. However, it will be too early to comment on this because no Chinese official reports mentioned about crypto un-ban plans.

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