$ONFO token founder found dead in US State Arkansas


John Forsyth was found dead, following a missing report 1 week back.

John Forsyth was a Missouri emergency room doctor, crypto advocate, and co-founder of the crypto project Onfo (ONFO). He launched the $ONFO token in 2020 with his brother. With his crypto empire, he was a successful person, as secured a Bitcoin millionaire position in the Forbes. 

The last time, he talked with her fiancée on 21 May. After that, all his relatives & family persons failed to contact him & finally filed a missing report.

John’s brother confirmed that John was happy because he was very close to giving divorce & ready for a better & new future.

“We had dinner Wednesday before he disappeared, and we sat and talked for three hours. I told him this is the happiest I’d seen him in a long time. His divorce was final on May 11, and I think that gave him energy for the future. He cared about his patients, and he loved his kids,” his brother reportedly said.

On 30 May, the local investigation authorities succeeded to find John’s black infinity car & further, they found John’s dead body. 

It was not any kind of incident, instead, it was a murder, as a gunshot wound was found on his body. 

Police investigations claimed that there are no signs of foul play so far but still, the investigation will go on to find the main culprit behind this murder.

Earlier this CashApp creator Bob Lee was found dead in a street in San Francisco. Reportedly he was stabbed by an unknown attacker.

Later a report from Wall Street Journal (WSJ) alleged that Lee’s death was not part of any violent attack, instead, he was engaged in several bad activities like the consumption of drugs (ecstasy, ketamine, cocaine) and taking part in late-night long parties. 

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