Fiscus Bridges On-Chain and Off-Chain Environment in Digital Fund


Dallas, USA, 11th April, 2022, Chainwire

FiscusDAO is the world’s first all-chain solution, combining the benefits of the on-chain and off-chain worlds into a singular efficient, and agile digital fund boasting a $100M USD treasury.

FiscusDAO revolutionizes the process for project financing loans by allowing holders of its FISC token to participate in the lending process and experience the benefits that come along with it. With an anticipated $25B USD in total project size in its pipeline, FiscusDAO works with its client to fund and generate returns on each project, while building wealth for its treasury and token holders. 

Highlights of FiscusDAO and its FISC token include: 

· A Treasury of $100M  
· A growing community of FISC token holders, participating in the on-chain governance of FiscusDAO  
· An initial staking APY of 50,000%, halving every 10M tokens  
· A third-Party Burn- A buyback and burn initiative that utilizes a portion of the revenues generated by the treasury to purchase tokens on the open market, boosting demand, and increasing the value of each token. 

“A great deal of work has been done by our core team, supported by our outstanding community, to launch the FISC token and roll out our treasury to a diverse pipeline of projects. ” Said Phil Raglin, Founder of FiscusDAO. “We are excited to continue to roll out new opportunities for our FISC holders to participate in the all-chain environment we have created.”  

The FISC tokens are on the Avalanche network, traded through decentralized exchange Trader Joe here: You can join the community discussion on Discord here: 

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About FiscusDAO

FiscusDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) creating value by digitally transforming the revenue from physical real-world assets via smart contracts to the blockchain. Creating a financial structure that utilizes both on-chain and off-chain assets, FiscusDAO allows its members to partake in a wide range of structured finance-led projects that they would not otherwise have access to in the open market. 

FiscusDAO utilizes its treasury to provide projects that are seeking funding with a collateral reserve (set-aside). This set-aside is placed into a smart contract, never leaving the possession of the FiscusDAO treasury, and serves as proof of funds allowing the project to receive funding, of which a portion is sent to the FiscusDAO treasury as compensation. Token holders benefit from the growth of the treasury through distributions and staking rewards.   



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