Bitcoin advocate says Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens are unsustainable


Samson Mow slammed the Bitcoin ordinals & BRC-20 concept and said that it is not a productive use case for Bitcoin. 

Samson Mow is CEO of JAN3, a new Bitcoin technology company with a mission to accelerate hyperbitcoinization. Samson is known in this innovative sector for his work on El Salvador’s Bitcoin strategy, and nation-state Bitcoin adoption in general.

On 12 May, Samson Mow appeared in an interview with crypto news media Cointelegraph & there he talked about the Bitcoin ordinals & BRC-20, a protocol that allows people to mint digital pictures on the Bitcoin blockchain network.

Mow said that people who are using Bitcoin ordinals or BRC-20 are wasting their Bitcoins to pay for fees & Bitcoin miners and indeed  there is no sustainability. 

“These guys are paying massive amounts of fees that go directly to Bitcoin miners, and there is no way this can be sustained,” JAN3 CEO said.

Further JAN3 CEO explained that it is only a short-term trend because it is new to the crypto sector & will fade within the next few months. 

According to Mow, Bitcoin ordinals only increase the Bitcoin network fees & also cause network congestion issues, so it is not going to bring anything for Bitcoin adoption. 

Recently the majority of the crypto exchanges faced problems because of the high network load on the Bitcoin blockchain. Because of huge numbers of transactions, which surged because of Bitcoin ordinals activities, huge numbers of transactions with average fees went in pending state.

Binance exchange suspended Bitcoin withdrawal requests two times and further announced that the exchange will also bring lightning network-enabled payment support on the platform, to fight against high Bitcoin network fees & network congestion issues. 

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