Polygon co-founder says gaming is the largest-scale opportunity for crypto


Sandeep Nailwal talked about the future of blockchain gaming & noted that it will push crypto adoption significantly.

Sandeep Nailwal is the Co-founder & Chief Operations Officer at Polygon. Polygon is a popular Layer-2 Ethereum scaling protocol. This crypto project was launched in Oct 2017, under the name Matic Network.

During an AMA discussion on Reddit, the Polygon co-founder said that once the blockchain gaming bubble will come to full blockchain & crypto adoption then it will derive a very big adoption of this innovative sector.

“I think gaming is the largest scale opportunity for crypto. Some top games are launching in Web3 in the next 6-18 months and it would be very interesting to see if some of them can crack the crypto code. Last year itself there was $2 billion+ in funding for Web3 games,” the Polygon co-founder said.

Further on the speculative nature of the crypto sector, he said that this innovative sector is going to attract huge numbers of users & huge numbers of applications because of this speculative nature. He also noted that people speculated hugely about the Gold Rush era & also about the internet sector during the dotcom boom.

On the nature of the crypto blockchain networks, Nailwal admitted that not all the crypto blockchains are fully decentralized, except Ethereum & Bitcoin. But according to him, a fully decentralized nature is not a necessary thing to go ahead in the tech adoption race. 

To enhance the decentralized nature of the Polygon network, Nailwal said that Polygon devs are working tirelessly to increase the decentralization by large factors and also aimed to bring 1000 validators, in order to increase the security & efficiency of the Polygon network.

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