Pepe token price plunging slowly week by week


The current analysis showed that the meme trend seems fading with time, despite the global economy moving toward the downside as a good symbol for crypto & stock assets. 

Pepe token is the newest popular meme token in this crypto sector. In April of this year, this token grabbed huge popularity & also showed a better increment in the last few weeks. 

The current trade price of Pepe token is $0.00000145 & this trade price is 6% down over the last 7 days of trade price.

The net downfall in the trade price of this meme token over the last 7 days is enough to predict the upcoming struggling weeks.

The current circulating supply of this meme token is 391,790 Billion. While the maximum supply of this token is 420,690 Billion, as per data available on the exchange. Now it will be interesting to see if this token will succeed to grab a huge price increment just like the Shiba inu token grabbed in Dec 2022, following the 3 months winter phase. 

Pepe token, Coinbase, & controversy

In the initial phase of the Pepe token popularity, American crypto exchange Coinbase talked about this token via newsletter & said that Pepe is a purely frog-themed crypto token and in the past frog was used as a hate symbol.

The Pepe token community jumped against the Coinbase exchange for such a harsh statement against this meme token. 

Later Coinbase chief legal officer Paul Grewal apologised for what the Coinbase exchange stated about this token.

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