Oraichain Launches Rebranded DINO Hub To Transform The Web3 Creator Economy With Data & AI


Tortola, British Virgin Islands, 1st June, 2022, Chainwire

Oraichain, the world’s first AI Layer 1 for Data Economy and Oracle services, announced today the arrival of DINO Hub (Data Intelligence and Oracle), a web3-inspired platform that aims to expand the lifecycle of data and AI to the blockchain industry. 

DINO Hub is a newly launched rebrand of Oraichain’s original Data Hub, structured with one main portal, the DINO Center, and two satellite ports, Data Marketplace and AI Marketplace. The DINO Center will play a key role in Oraichain’s mission to build a bridge to connect AI to smart contracts. It aims to be the go-to center for creators and builders of intelligent systems in Web3, providing access to crowdsourced tools for creating datasets, analyzing data and training AI and machine learning models.

As for the Data Marketplace, this is a portal that’s dedicated to data-focused businesses involved in buying, selling, requesting and staking. Unlike conventional data marketplaces, DINO Data Marketplace is focused specifically on test case data that can be used to validate the robustness, accuracy and generalizability of AI models in a decentralized fashion. Oraichain foresees a big demand for trusted AI models in the decentralized application space and Data Marketplace expects to fulfill this need. 

The DINO Hub AI Marketplace enables the exchange of AI services. It will serve as a one-stop shop for AI solutions that can seamlessly integrate with smart contracts to be embedded directly into business. Within the AI Marketplace, there will be specific AI service categories for “defending” and “automation” that helps developers to quickly find what they’re looking for. 

Oraichain is rebranding Data Hub for both technical and pragmatic reasons. From a technical perspective, it makes sense because the DINO Center, Data Marketplace and AI Marketplace each appeal to a different technical base – for example, labeling tools and analytics tools require high-level backend specifications, while the marketplaces place more emphasis on the user experience. On a pragmatic level, DINO Hub introduces many innovative concepts and functions, and so the division of services provides a friendlier interface and more seamless navigation of the various features it offers. 

DINO Hub will enable the Web3 developer community to contribute to the ecosystem while earning revenue in multiple ways. Users can contribute to DINO Hub as an annotator, earning reward tokens for building datasets, labeling data and creating test cases. Data providers can provide datasets and AI services to the Oraichain community via DINO Hub’s marketplaces, and users can also request data, conduct online surveys or outsource AI solutions. Other ways to participate include testing AI services to validate AI models and increase their reputation on the marketplace, and integrating dApps with DINO Hub’s oracles. In addition, data owners can earn passive income through royalties for creating datasets and AI models and making them available to the community. 

Oraichain’s DINO Hub, Data Marketplace and AI Marketplace will launch in the second quarter of 2022.

About Oraichain

Oraichain is an AI-Powered Oracle and Blockchain Ecosystem. Oraichain data oracle platform aggregates and connects Artificial Intelligence APIs to smart contracts and regular applications. Founded by Dr Chung Dao, Oraichain’s mission is to be the portal between AI and blockchain technologies, aiming to revolutionize the AI, DeFi, and Blockchain industries.

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