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Leafty is a decentralized cryptocurrency with a difference. The Leafty token contributes to environmental efforts while simultaneously delivering instant rewards to its holders. Incorporated in the Bitmart cryptocurrency exchange, Leafty is easy to buy or sell, although users can also buy it on Pancake Swap.

The number of Leafty tokens in circulation is 21 million, and tremendous growth opportunities are available at present. Registered as an LLC, the company enjoys an excellent market reputation and a proven track record, thanks to its full compliance with stringent safety check requirements, including safety audits.

Cryptocurrency Token with a Purpose

Unlike typical crypto tokens that often serve no purpose other than fueling speculative investor behavior, Leafty is on a mission to help protect the environment. Each time you buy or sell the Leafty token, you can generate a profit while also contributing to the planet through the fees paid.

Leafty sets aside 9% of the fees from each transaction, which goes to a charity wallet. The funds are then disbursed to support and promote numerous environmental projects. Leafty’s future collaborators for environmental protection include:

  • The Rainforest Alliance: A global organization combating deforestation to mitigate the effects of climate change while creating economic opportunity for people in rural regions.
  • The Nature Conservancy: The world’s most prominent environmental conservation organization working to preserve land and water through on-the-ground, science-backed solutions.
  • Team Seas (#TeamSeas): A global collaborative fundraiser program, led by renowned YouTubers Mark Rober and MrBeast, working to remove millions of pounds of ocean debris.

Leafty is Teaming-Up with World’s Top Celebrities

Perhaps the most exciting of Leafty’s upcoming plans is to collaborate with the most popular and admired celebrities on the planet for its mission to help save the environment. Its projects will involve global icons, such as Ronaldinho, Leo Messi, Kun Aguero, Dani Alves, Lil Pump, Isco Alarcon, Lana Rhoades, Gianluca Vacchi, and Luis Suarez.

These celebrities have the power and reach to influence hundreds of millions of people worldwide and raise awareness for the world’s most pressing cause of saving the environment. The Leafty token will be the common link that brings people together and drives them to contribute towards building a safer, environment-friendly planet.


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