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Forget Las Vegas, Slotie Junior Is Launching A Casino In The Metaverse |


The metaverse is booming and so is the gambling industry. This is why the move of casinos into the metaverse has been an inevitable occurrence. It is a highly profitable venture on paper. However, even though many have tried, only a few have managed to succeed.

Slotie officially made its debut into the metaverse space a little over a month ago and since then, it has been a tale of success after success. Out of this incredibly profitable project has come a contender; Slotie Junior. Slotie Junior’s aim is simple and that is to be the Las Vegas of the metaverse.

Place Your Bets In The Metaverse

Soon, the metaverse will have everything, from art to movies to fashion. Casinos are a natural choice in the next evolution of this blossoming space. This is why Slotie has announced the SlotieVerse. Where Slotie Originals saw their utility from online casinos, the SlotieVerse is all about the metaverse. It is bringing casinos to the metaverse, complete with the social interaction that users get with being in physical casinos. Playing in the SlotieVerse is not just about gambling, it is also about recreating the social component that keeps players wanting more.

SlotieVerse will create an unmatched and engaging experience for all of its users. This new decentralized virtual reality platform will be a refreshing deviation from the norm where metaverse projects are focused on creating play-to-earn games without paying attention to the social aspect.

Why Use Slotie?

A number of reasons make the SlotieVerse the ideal metaverse casino. For starters, each Slotie Junior will get land in the SlotieVerse. These lands will be valuable and when combined, all lands owned by Slotie Juniors will make up what will become known as the Slotie Junior District. All of the lands are available in the Slotieverse metaverse.

There are 50 slot machines in the Slotie districts where players are able to place their bets and earn EHR. EHR is the Exclusive Holder Rewards payable to the Slotie Juniors. Each Junior that holds EHR will be able to generate extra rewards.

Slotie Juniors are also eligible to receive free spins, rake back, and discounted tickets to the slot machines and other casino games in the SlotieVerse.

There also exits a Wall of Owners in the Slotie District where Juniors are able to hold a unique statue that they can name after themselves.

Finally, the SlotieVerse marketplace. It is a platform where users will be able to trade with different assets. These can range from 3D objects to new casino games and artworks. The possibilities are endless.

With Slotie, players will be able to step into Las Vegas right from the comfort of their homes. It features all of the experiences of Las Vegas without the hassle of travel logistics.





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