Crypto Portfolio Update: Macro Guru Raoul Pal Optimistic about Bullish Markets Ahead

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Renowned Real Vision founder, Raoul Pal, remains optimistic about digital assets as he expands his position size during the bear market.

In a recent interview with Bankless, the former Goldman Sachs executive shared an update on his portfolio, revealing his significant investment in one of Ethereum’s major competitors.

Pal emphasized his consistency in investment decisions, stating that his portfolio still consists of approximately 80% Solana, along with a small portion of Bitcoin and a few other assets he acquired to gauge their performance. He refrains from mentioning these additional holdings on Twitter to avoid negative scrutiny and unwarranted attacks. Overall, his portfolio remains unchanged with a long-term perspective.

Highlighting his commitment to the market, Pal noted that he has not sold any of his holdings. In fact, he increased his portfolio by an estimated 30% to 40% between June and October. As a Bitcoin bull and proponent of “The Everything Code” concept, Pal anticipates another bullish market cycle with a potential peak around 2026. He attributes this positive outlook to factors such as currency debasement and the inflow of new capital into the crypto space.

Expressing his confidence in the ongoing bullish trend, Pal refrains from providing specific figures but acknowledges that the current year appears even more bullish than anticipated. He finds it intriguing that the logarithmic channel of “The Everything Code” aligns consistently with his predictions and various analytical approaches. While acknowledging the influence of currency debasement, he believes that the magnitude of the recent cycle is not solely attributed to it. Instead, he emphasizes the importance of available capital and other factors in shaping the market. Consequently, Pal foresees a favorable outlook until at least 2025, without any immediate cause for concern.

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