Berkshire Hathaway sold billions in stocks, not a good sign for Bitcoin: Report 


A popular crypto analyst explained that Warren Buffett has had billions of dollars worth of stock assets over the last three months and confirmed that it is not going to bring a good sign for Bitcoin. 

Nicholas Merten, the host of DataDash & popular crypto analyst, published a new video on the DataDash YouTube channel. 

Merten said that Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway & his company sold a huge amount of stock assets in the last quarter and this is a hint that Buffet doesn’t think that upcoming months will bring better upside for the stock market. 

Buffet is a popular & wise stock assets trader & he is known to grab the opportunity on behalf of prior financial market predictions. According to this crypto analyst, Warren seems planning to again buy stock assets at a discount price, which means the stock market will go down in near future.

The DataDash host said that there are no signs of a Bitcoin bull run and the narrative of the US banking crisis does not seem to bring any advantage for Bitcoin. 

“losing a bit of trust in the financial system, during this prime time for Bitcoin potentially to be that asset and we’re not seeing it in the price, what is the narrative going to be? What is going to drive Bitcoin’s price higher?”, the DataDash host stated.

Bitcoin in Q1 2023

No doubt that Q1 2022 brought a significant downfall for the Bitcoin trade price but in the first quarter of this year Bitcoin saw an upside movement.

In only Q1 of this year, Bitcoin trade price surged from $19k to ~$30k (net 60%+ increment). 

Here the opinion shared by this prominent crypto analyst is hinting people get ready with cash to invest in the next big Bitcoin correction but here it doesn’t mean that Bitcoin price will see a big dump, instead, people should do research themselves before making any investment decision in any asset.

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