What is the importance of Bitcoin and Blockchain in our daily lives?


The world is becoming increasingly modern, people are giving more and more importance to digital things, today in India people are using the UPI payment wallet for payment. Similarly, Bitcoin is also an online currency that runs on the internet. Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. The thing to note is that today the world has not been able to find him, Satoshi Nakamoto has been invisible since 2009.

Crypto Miner is a stop between send and receiver. When a transaction comes, the miner validates it and in return he gets a reward.

Blockchain and Bitcoin have great importance in our lives. Below we will read its importance: Bitcoin has some advantages but it also has many disadvantages.

Decentralized: Bitcoin has a decentralized nature. Bitcoin is not managed by any bank or authority; everyone without access to Bitcoin can

Any banks can transact with each other.

The supply of Bitcoin is limited. Due to the limited supply, its rate is continuously increasing. More and more people are in the race to buy it.

With the help of Bitcoin, money can be transferred globally. You can easily transfer money from one country to another. Disadvantages of Bitcoin.

disadvantages of bitcoin

There is no control of the government: Due to the decentralized nature of Bitcoin, there is no control of the government.

There is no control. There are many decentralized tools in use in the market with the help of which people can transact with each other.

Use in terrorist activities: Bitcoin is widely used by terrorist activities. They carry out their terrorist conspiracies with the help of Bitcoin to spread their web of sin across the world.

Scam and Fraud: Bitcoin’s Rise in Scam and Fraud


As we have read above, Bitcoin has both advantages and disadvantages, on one hand, Bitcoin makes our payment process easier (via P2P). On the other hand, it is also being used for wrong purposes. Bitcoin and Blockchain is a great option if The government of the country implements it properly by making a law.

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