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Universe Finance has announced that it will launch its IDO which will run from the 15th to the 18th. The Uniswap V3 liquidity management platform which operates on both the Polygon and Ethereum networks has said that the IDO will take place over a three-day period where users will be able to participate in the Initial Dex Offering.

What Is Universe Finance?

Universe Finance is arguably the best Uniswap V3 liquidity management platform in the space. It aims to maximize the returns of users on the Uniswap V3 platform which uses risk ranking and quantitative strategies. Its suite of products and tools has users to address challenges in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space such as expensive gas fees, increased risk, in addition to the timing and frequency of rebalancing and reinvestment.

Uniswap V3 is a platform that can allow users to increase liquidity pool profits compared to Uniswap V2, but there are many issues that can keep users from being able to take full advantage of these opportunities.

Oftentimes, it is hard to decide where the optimal price range lies, predicting the frequency and timing of rebalancing which also requires expensive gas fees, as well as being unresponsive to extreme market conditions and being unable to earn profits from the volatility presented by the market. All of these have been the reasons that the average investor has been unable to hack the platform.

With Universe Finance, Uniswap V3 users do not have to worry about these issues. Its products help investors automatically leverage, reinvest, and manage risk levels for a range of risk appetites. It doesn’t matter how high an investor’s risk tolerance is or how risk-averse they are, Universe Finance is a platform for everyone.

Best Of Both Worlds

Unlike a lot of products offered in the DeFi space, users are not chained to a single blockchain. Universe Finance is a multi-chain platform operating on Polygon and Ethereum. Its Polygon cross-chain launched last year, along with its Smart Vault V2. Universe Finance also plans to support more chains in the future.

The protocol has partnered with popular projects in the space including Instadapp, Polygon, Olympus, DODO, Tetu.io, 4sv.io, Vader Protocol, Stake With US, Poolz, Biconomy, and DeFiLlama.

How Secure Is Universe Finance?

Universe Finance is one of the most secure DeFi protocols, reinforcing against common and uncommon procedures used by attackers. Its real-time risk management system monitors all of the data passing through the smart contract in real-time. This helps it catch unusual changes, adjust risk management parameters, and end harmful interactions with the smart contract before it can cause any damage.

It has its own customizable private vault for high net worth investors which have been reinforced through multiple technical solutions. It also uses single and dual-asset vaults to avoid price oracle manipulation.

Universe’s code has been audited three times and has passed with flying colors from leading code audit services Certik and PeckShield.




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