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EOY 2021

What The World Learned About Bitcoin In 2021

How poetically perfect that 2021 was the year that the world discovered how 21 million bitcoin are the key to the world’s future economic system. This was the year when the public finally woke up. Last year, Bitcoin entered the world’s

In 2021, The Voices Of Bitcoin Rose

2021 was the year of social audio applications. Clubhouse rose to fame and prominence on the back of the world’s COVID-19 lockdown. Folks all over the world were instructed to stay inside and away from other people. They were told to

How Bitcoin Will Save Millennials

All generations have rich nostalgia for the decade of their childhood. Our coming of age is our purest time. And for the millennials, it’s probably best encapsulated by the 1990s.The 90s are milk and honey for us. We remain so fond of