Soulda16 Announces Launch of Personality-Based NFTs as Exclusive Passes Into Private Social Club


Singapore, Singapore, 20th April, 2022, Chainwire

Soulda16 plans to launch its ‘Soulda16 NFT’ Persoulnality Art collection in June 2022. To gain early access to the exclusive social club or learn more about upcoming whitelist opportunities, join Soulda16’s official Discord at

Soulda16, the first social club to use NFTs bound to their holders’ personality types as entrance passes, has announced plans to launch its innovative ‘Soulda16 NFT’ Persoulnality Art collection in June 2022. The collection grants access to an exclusive social club that allows anonymous NFT holders with verifiably complementary personalities to create more authentic relationships without revealing sensitive personal information.

The Soulda16 collection uses the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (“MBTI”) to generate NFTs based on personality types. Each unique piece in the collection is reserved for individuals with the corresponding personality type and contains visual elements that reflect the personality of its owner.

The NFTs also act as individual passes into the chic Soulda16 social club. Because NFTs are bound to their holder’s personality, individuals can gain access to a private club room of verified complementary personality types. Surrounded by like-minded peers, members will be able to create more authentic relationships and compete on high-performing teams in Soulda-wide events. Rewards for individual or club-wide events include entrance into exclusive events like fireside chats, a share of Soulda16’s monthly revenues, and more.

Individuals interested to learn more about their unique personalities and gaining early access to the Soulda16 social club can take their MBTI personality test at the Soulda Fountain following its release on April 27, 2022.

The team behind the ‘Soulda16 NFT’ Persoulnality Art collection come from diverse backgrounds in design, consulting, psychology, finance, and web3 development. Inspiration for the project was initially sparked at elite design consultancy Frog Design, where the early team members oversaw global product launches for dozens of Fortune 500 corporate clients, including Disney, Nike, Apple, and more. The puzzle pieces continued to fall into place as the team met Soulda’s to-be lead artist, a former animation and game designer for Ubisoft who has received various international awards for her artwork and published a book on design. Additional team members include a former JPMorgan investment banker that has since entered a web3 VC fund, a former data scientist for Amazon and IBM that has since transitioned into web3 development and a former hedge fund strategy director that has since founded a blockchain marketing agency. Together, the team is breathing life into the shared vision of building the largest anonymous social club in the web3 world.

“We’re so excited to be early pioneers at this new frontier of technology, psychology, and behavioral economics,” said Riva, Project Lead at Soulda16. “As we like to say at Soulda, come for the Persoulnalities test. Stay for self-discovery and art. Remember: At the end of your journey, we’ll be waiting for you here at the Club. Come on in and say hello — you’re welcome anytime.”

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Soulda16 is a social club that uses Persoulnality Art NFTs to reflect anonymous personalities. The Soulda16 NFT collection grants access to a social club that allows like-minded members to create verifiably authentic interpersonal relationships. Soulda16 will also release a social incubator that offers the resources needed for members to build their personal brands in the Web3 world. Learn more at

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