Robert Kiyosaki warns of big real estate crash


The author of Rich Dad Poor Dad suggested people go with Bitcoin investment ahead of the future’s biggest crash possibilities.

Robert Kiyosaki is a popular personality in the financial sector, because of his wise financial advice & services. In the world, Kiyosaki grabbed huge popularity with the help of his co-created book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. So more than 40 million copies of this have been sold globally, as the book is available in more than a dozen languages.

On 8 June 2023, Robert Kiyosaki took to Twitter to share his opinion on the current economic situation & sentiment of stock market investors. 

Kiyosaki said that 2023 will bring a very big crash for the stock market and that crash will be very big over 2008’s crash. He also noted that 2019’s Office Towers in San Francisco were hot but in 2023 the same buildings lost 70% of value.

To fight against the possible crash situation, Kiyosaki suggested investing in Gold, Silver, & Bitcoin. 

Earlier this several times, Kiyosaki suggested people invest in Bitcoin, Gold, as these are available in the world within a limit.

Last month, a few crypto & stock experts noted that Warren Buffett already cashed out his stocks in billions of dollars and surely he is waiting for a big dump to short his stock assets investment.

So here if the stock market will crash badly then surely that will leave a big impact on the crypto sector also. 

On 24 May 2023, Kiyosaki appeared in a new podcast The Rich Dad Channel YouTube channel. There he suggested people remain aware of funds in banks. 

Kiyosaki said that money in banks may not be safe. This financial author preferred people to make money holding decisions with huge awareness otherwise the downfall of a regional bank will result in the loss of the whole saving account money & in that situation no one will help.

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