Nubank Partners with Lightspark to Integrate Bitcoin Lightning Network for Latin American Customers


Latin American fintech giant Nubank has partnered with Lightspark, a leading Bitcoin Lightning Network infrastructure provider, to bring faster and cheaper cryptocurrency transactions to its massive user base. This integration marks a significant milestone for both Nubank and the Lightning Network, potentially bringing the technology to millions of new users.

Revolutionizing Payments: Speed and Efficiency with Lightning

Nubank, known for its innovative digital banking solutions, is actively expanding its cryptocurrency offerings. The partnership with Lightspark aims to unlock the benefits of the Bitcoin Lightning Network for its 100 million customers across Latin America. This technology promises faster and cheaper transactions compared to traditional blockchain methods.

“The integration is part of the neobank’s plan to offer higher-speed, low-cost transfers via blockchain,” stated Thomaz Fortes, executive director of Nubank Cripto.

Lightspark, co-founded by former PayPal president David Marcus in 2022, specializes in building robust Lightning Network infrastructure for businesses. The company sees the Nubank partnership as a “significant milestone” that will significantly increase overall network usage.

The integration goes beyond just speed improvements. Lightspark will also integrate the Universal Money Address (UMA) standard. This innovative system assigns users an email-like address for receiving and sending money on the Lightning Network, simplifying the process and enhancing user experience.

Nubank’s move to embrace the Lightning Network reflects its broader ambitions in the cryptocurrency space. The company, backed by investment giant Berkshire Hathaway, already allows trading in 14 cryptocurrencies. Additionally, it partnered with Circle to offer USD Coin (USDC) in November 2023, expanding its stablecoin options.

Nubank’s commitment to crypto goes further. In May 2022, the company announced it would allocate 1% of its net assets to Bitcoin, showcasing its belief in the long-term potential of the cryptocurrency.

Latin America Embraces Crypto

Nubank’s user base primarily resides in Brazil (around 92 million), with a growing presence in Mexico and Colombia (remaining 8 million). Notably, data from Kaiko Research reveals that most cryptocurrency trading volume in the region involves Brazilian real trading pairs, followed by the Mexican, Argentinian, and Colombian pesos. This trend highlights the growing adoption of cryptocurrencies in Latin America.

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