Metallica Account Hacked for Digital Coin Push


Fans of heavy metal legends Metallica were met with a surprise on June 26th. The band’s official account on social media platform X was seemingly compromised by hackers. The perpetrators used this breach to promote a cryptocurrency token named METAL, built on the Solana blockchain.

The initial announcement for the METAL token appeared on Metallica’s X account itself. The post claimed the token, launched on the Solana-based “” platform, was a collaboration with ticketing giant Ticketmaster. However, at the time of writing, Ticketmaster has made no public statements regarding the legitimacy of this partnership.

Further raising red flags, a pinned post promoting the token directs users to Metallica’s official website. But a search there yields no information on the token’s existence. Additionally, the post claimed a partnership with fintech company MoonPay. Yet, MoonPay has not publicly mentioned the token and did not respond immediately to a request for comment after regular business hours ended in the U.S.

These inconsistencies strongly suggest this is not an officially endorsed Metallica project. The incident highlights the growing issue of social media hacks targeting high-profile accounts to promote cryptocurrency scams.

Security Concerns and Protecting Fans

Social media platforms are a battleground for hackers looking to exploit vulnerabilities and manipulate users. Targeting accounts of popular figures like Metallica allows attackers to potentially reach a large audience and lend legitimacy to their scams through association with a trusted brand.

Fans are advised to be cautious of any unsolicited cryptocurrency promotions, especially when originating from social media accounts of celebrities or musicians. It’s crucial to verify information directly with the official sources before making any financial decisions.

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