Kryptomon lists its KMON token on Bybit Global Exchange on 6th of May


Amsterdam, Holland, 2nd May, 2022, Chainwire

Bridging the gap between blockchain technology and AAA-level gameplay, Kryptomon lists its KMON token on Bybit to expand its gaming universe to a new audience

Kryptomon, the living NFT-powered play-and-earn gaming project merging nostalgic appeal with modern blockchain technology, announces the listing of its KMON token on Bybit. Through the listing, Bybit’s global user base can buy, sell, and trade KMON,  Kryptomon’s native token which powers all in-game actions, including the KMarket NFT marketplace where users can support their evolving NFT creatures and purchase gameplay add-ons.

Drawing inspiration from classic titles like Pokemon & Tamagotchi, Kryptomon brings to life collectible living NFT creatures with distinct, mutable genetic features and characteristics in its play-and-earn game. Players are able to nurture, raise, and battle with other players with their unique monsters while exploring the expansive lore of Kryptomon’s Metaverse ecosystem. Part of this exploration includes monthly augmented reality “Treasure Hunt” events. This unique move-to-earn feature allows Kryptomon’s community to hunt for treasure chests that may include NFT eggs, KMON tokens, and in-game items, encouraging players to discover their natural surroundings to improve their gameplay experience.

Through this listing, Kryptomon users unlock instant utility within the game’s universe, which combines real-world and Metaverse gameplay. As a one-stop crypto destination, Bybit enables the growing Kryptomon community to easily acquire KMON tokens that drive all facets of the Kryptomon play-and-earn experience. The token listing grants a head-start for players ready to grow their Kryptomon roster, in addition to the treasure hunts and in-game opportunities to generate KMON.

“Listing our token on Bybit is a really exciting step forward in growing our community on a global scale,” says Umberto Canessa Cerchi, Co-Founder and CEO of Kryptomon. “Our game and Metaverse are nothing without our community, and having our token listed on a renowned platform allows us to develop an even greater and more rewarding experience for the next generation of players while expanding our international community.”

“Bybit is all about offering a diverse selection of tokens and digital assets to our user-base around the world,” says May Liu, Listing Manager at Bybit. “Listing the KMON token on our platform will further allow users to easily support new projects and tokens in the crypto sphere.”

About Kryptomon:

Set in the Kryptomon metaverse, community members play as “Trainers,” taking care of their own NFT pet monsters, which have a unique and mutable genetic code made up of 38 randomized parameters that determine their physical and behavioral characteristics. They are capable of learning, falling sick, getting hungry, and protecting their trainers when out on an adventure in the physical world. In turn, trainers will have to care for, feed, and train their Kryptomon partners in order to grow and prepare for the battles ahead. Kryptomon aims to create the next step in the evolution of crypto and Metaverse gaming by using blockchain, digital genetics, and location-based technologies. To see how Kryptomon is creating its gaming universe, please visit

About Bybit:

Bybit is an innovative, highly advanced, user-friendly crypto trading and exchange platform. Designed from the ground up using best-in-class infrastructure, Bybit provides users with the industry’s safest, fastest, fairest, and most transparent trading experience. Created around customer-centric values, Bybit is built with passion to help crypto believers achieve their dreams and their freedom. To learn more about Bybit’s global exchange platform, visit



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