CoinStats Hack: 1,590 Wallets Potentially Exposed


Cryptocurrency portfolio management platform CoinStats has been hit by a security breach, prompting a temporary suspension of user activity. The company claims the attack has been contained, but approximately 1,590 crypto wallets, representing 1.3% of all CoinStats users, have been impacted.

According to a June 22nd X post by CoinStats, the company’s swift response helped mitigate the attack. They emphasize that “none of the connected wallets and CEXes (centralized exchanges)” were affected. However, the exact nature of the breach and the extent to which the compromised wallets were impacted remain unclear.

CoinStats assures users that their holdings are “perfectly safe under any conditions” due to the platform’s “read-only access” policy when connecting wallets.

While a Google Doc listing affected wallets was released, CoinStats warns that the list “might change” as the investigation progresses. The company urges users on the list to immediately move their funds using their exported private keys. However, the crypto community is cautioning affected individuals to be wary of potential scams. Pseudonymous commentator PPman highlights the risk of scammers impersonating support personnel and advises users to “not trust anyone.”

This incident underscores the ongoing security challenges within the cryptocurrency industry. CoinStats joins a growing list of crypto platforms recently affected by breaches. Earlier in June, CoinGecko, a crypto data aggregator, confirmed a data breach impacting over 1.9 million users. Additionally, Crystal Intelligence reported that the industry has suffered nearly 800 hacks and exploits in the past 13 years, resulting in billions of dollars in stolen digital assets.

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