Bitcoin: $130K by September 2025? Analyst Predicts Post-Halving Surge


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Bitcoin Price Prediction: $130,000 by September 2025?

Cryptocurrency trader Peter Brandt has a bold prediction for Bitcoin’s future price. Based on historical trends, he believes Bitcoin could reach a peak of $130,000 to $150,000 by late August or early September 2025.

Brandt’s prediction hinges on the concept of Bitcoin halving. This programmed event, occurring roughly every four years, cuts the reward for mining Bitcoin in half. Historically, these halving events have coincided with significant price increases for Bitcoin.

Brandt argues that past halving dates have fallen almost perfectly in the middle of bull market cycles. The last Bitcoin bull market began around 16 months before the May 11, 2020, halving and ended about 18 months after. Similar patterns were observed following the 2012 and 2016 halving events.

If this historical pattern continues, Brandt suggests the next peak of the current bull market could occur in late August or early September 2025. However, he acknowledges that no prediction method is foolproof.

Has Bitcoin Already Peaked?

Brandt’s analysis suggests December 17, 2022, marked the beginning of the current bull market for Bitcoin. While Bitcoin has seen significant gains since then, it remains below its all-time high of $73,679 reached in March 2023.

Brandt acknowledges a 25% chance that Bitcoin may have already reached its peak for this cycle. He points to a potential trend of diminishing returns, with each bull cycle’s peak lower than the previous one. If Bitcoin falls below $55,000, Brandt believes it could be a sign of a more concerning long-term decline.

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