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Whopping 1.176 Billion XRP Wired by Ripple, ODL Venues and Leading Exchanges


A staggering amount of nearly 1.2 billion XRP have been transferred through Ripple and the top exchanges which includes ODL platforms. It was shifted in huge chunks

The data shared by Whale Alert blockchain tracking service has revealed that in the last 20 hours, a staggering amount of Ripple-affiliated cryptocurrency XRP is being shifted by a variety of participants in the crypto market. This includes Ripple’s tech giant and many aspects of the ODL corridors, and well-known exchanges such as Binance.

1.18 billion XRP was moved around in huge lumps

The team behind the crypto tracker has released a report that, over the last two days, over the course of 20 hours, 23 Ripple lumps – some of which exceeded 200 million XRP — were moved by major cryptocurrency trading platforms and also by the Ripple tech giant.

Ripple has sent 65,000,000 XRP to its RL18 VN wallet which is commonly used to transfer XRP to wallets that are not internal and to customers, exchanges and financial institutions as well as to sell XRP to fund the cost of operating expenses for the company.

In the end, 10,000,000 dollars were transferred from the wallet through the country-based Exchange, which acts in the capacity of an ODL platform for the country.

A different Ripple ODL-based platform the crypto unicorn Bitso received 20 million XRP from the Bittrex exchange and transferred 20,100,000 XRP within the.

The most significant transactions among the 23 transactions were carried out by whales who were not identified or Coinone exchange: 225110,270 or 249,999,980XRP. This is $227,928,050 and $247.283,180 and $247,283,180 respectively.

249,999,989 #XRP (247,283,192 USD) transferred from #CoinOne to unknown wallet

— Whale Alert (@whale_alert) December 24, 2021

The other players who have received and sent XRP include Binance (shifted more than 120 million worth of XRP) Custodial service BitGo bought through Galaxy Digital this year, FTX exchange, Kraken and South Korean platform Bithumb (wired 90 million XRP to the wallets).

Additionally, 191.4 million XRP were distributed between anonymous crypto addresses.

92,121,444 #XRP (90,580,965 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to unknown wallet

— Whale Alert (@whale_alert) December 24, 2021

The total value of the exchanged (1.76 billion) transferred at this time amounts to about $1.180 trillion in dollars in exchange.

The best year for Ripple despite the issues with SEC

In a tweet posted earlier this week Ripple Chief Executive Brad Garlinghouse stated that despite the legal battle between the Securities and Exchange Commission, 2021 was the best year for the company.

According to Garlinghouse The On-Demand Liquidity solution that is powered by XRP is now responsible for one-fourth of the total amount of USD that is transferred via the RippleNet network.

Alongside other achievements there are two brand fresh ODL corridors have opened in Japan and in the UAE.

The lawsuit was filed by the SEC during the last one-week period of, 2020 and isn’t yet over, because each side continues to win wins against one another in the courtroom.


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