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Get ready to own the digital representations of your favourite country as NFT with Web World.

Available on OpenSea, Web World NFTs are a collection of 181 blockchain countries that are a unique and accurate representations of the nations’ borders, are and location. The first set of 38 Web World NFTs collection including 30 European Union Nations were released on February 1, 2022. The NFTs of the remaining nations will be gradually released in a phased manner.

The Web World NFTs will not just be confined to maps of the world nations but also specific regions of the world.

Created on the Polygon Blockchain, these NFTs are part of the Web World metaverse, which will be a digital representation of the Earth’s nations in the metaverse. Those purchasing the NFTs representing the nations on the Web World map will get the privilege to customize the area they own; however, they wish. Further, once the regional NFTs are introduced, owners of the nations under which these regions fall will become eligible to receive additional rewards from the sales of such secondary NFTs.

Web World is the creation of a three-member team comprising Yaroslav Kolosvietov (CEO), Andrii Kovtun (developer) and Anton Zhayri (Creative Director). According to the team, they will be introducing the Asian NFT nations in Q2 2022, followed by North and South Americas in Q3 2022. The Web World metaverse is currently under development, with a beta launch expected to happen sometime in the coming months.

Once the Web World metaverse is launched, users will be able to virtually experience the different flavours and diversities that are locked in different regions by overcoming the cultural, language and geographical barriers.

In addition to being a collection of digital collectibles, the Web World metaverse will also provide educational value, while offering NFT owners monetary benefits through a share in the subsequent sales, giveaways, gifts, and other monetizing opportunities within the metaverse.

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