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Twitter account of The Sandbox (SAND) CEO was hacked 

Recently a hacker somehow accessed the Twitter account of  Arthur Madrid and tried to promote a ponzi airdrop.

The Sandbox is a Metaverse focussed crypto project, which grabbed huge popularity in late 2021 when Facebook rebranded the company name from Facebook to Meta. Sand is the native token of The Sandbox crypto project. Arthur Madrid is the CEO & co-founder of this Metaverse project.

On 26 May 2023, An unknown hacker hacked the Sandbox CEO’s Twitter account & attached a “Ponzi Sand airdrop” link. The attached website link was different from the official link.

The Sandbox team was able to encounter this hacked Twitter account attack and warned all The Sandbox users to remain away from the fake airdrop campaign & also urged people not to click the link.

Later on the same day, Arthur responded on this matter and confirmed that his account was hacked & also suggested people never follow any kind of airdrop program available on unknown/unofficial domain links. 

In the present time, bad actors are actively increasing their efforts with the help of innovative tech tools to trick innocent internet users. Over the last year, cyber-attacks have surged nearly 40%.

Sand price action

The sand token trade price is $0.516 & this trade price is 2.89% high than the last 24 hours’ trade price. It seems that the latest CEO’s Twitter account hack news failed to impact the trade price of this token.

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