Tron (TRX) founder will donate his crypto trade profit to charity


Justin Sun announced that he will trade meme coins publicly but warned people to remain away from his crypto trade activities.

Justin Sun is the founder of several crypto projects e.g. Jst coin, Sun coin, BTT coin, Wink coin, TRX coin, Huobi crypto exchange, Poloniex exchange, etc. Popularly he is known for his TRX coin, a top-level Proof-of-stake (PoS) crypto network. In late 2021, Justin stepped down from the TRX coin project and became a diplomat for Grenada but still he is active in the crypto sector with crypto addiction.

On 11 May 2023, Justin Sun said that he will trade with meme coins and all the profit that he will generate will go to charity organisations. 

He also confirmed that he will trade with his public crypto address and suggested people not follow his trade activities.

“I’ve decided to begin actively trading meme coins and promising projects through my public address. Please note, I will personally bear all potential losses from these trades, and any profits made will be donated entirely to charity,” Justin Sun said.

Tron founder also confirmed that he will not support any meme token to list on any crypto exchange, even on his crypto platforms through his individual influence.

Many crypto Twitter noted that public trade activities will surely impact the trade price of those meme coins, in which Justin will trade. 

As per traditional rules, no big company holders can trade assets in public, in order to keep hype-based asset trade price manipulation away. In short, here Justin is going to violate traditional financial laws indirectly. 

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