The eBay digital wallet is being reorganized. However, it is not related to cryptocurrencies


eBay recently presented its own digital wallet. Several months ago, we reported that eBay might accept cryptocurrencies as forms of payment. Now, these rumors have been reiterated.

The digital wallet of the e-commerce giant

CEO Jamie Iannone personally presented eBay’s digital wallet during a meeting with investors. During Investor Day, the CEO discussed long-term development strategies and introduced new eBay products and features.

One of those products is a digital wallet. It’s not a product for storing cryptocurrencies. According to the explanation, it is a product to deposit the proceeds from a sale. The next time you want to purchase something or cover the cost of sales, you can use it to make a purchase.

Basically, it will be a wallet connected to an account where you can deposit money. In this way, the need to use external payment methods will be eliminated. At the moment, not a single mention of cryptocurrencies has been mentioned. Jamie Iannone commented on the future development of eBay as follows:

Over the past two years, we have fundamentally changed the trajectory of our market. We have proven that we can increase customer satisfaction, accelerate our growth, help sellers grow, and attract and retain enthusiastic buyers. We build eBay with the future in mind. We fulfill ourselves in what we do best – connecting sellers and buyers. We see incredible growth potential in this market and believe this is our chance to win by focusing and continuing to create value through eBay’s technological reimagination. We have the right team and vision to achieve our goals and continue to return value to our shareholders.

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