Slumdog Millionaire supports Pepe token


A popular Dogecoin millionaire jumped to support the Pepe meme token, as a good crypto token for long-term investment.

Glauber Contessoto is a popular crypto Influencer. Before 2021, Glauber’s life was not good because of bad financial position but later his investment in the popular meme Dogecoin turned him into a millionaire. Since April 2021, this guy has been famous in the Crypto sector as a slumdog millionaire. 

On 8 May 2023, Glauber suggested his followers buy Pepe tokens for the long term if they want travel with Pepe token trend. 

Through other tweets, Slumdog Millionaire suggested that people to keep patience to see a big downfall in the Pepe token trade price, to buy at a discount price.

A crypto Twitter user noted this tweet from Glauber and informed the Crypto Twitter community. Few people claimed that Glauber was hinting pepe token investors to book profit, while few people claimed that Slumdog-millionaire is looking to become a millionaire with Pepe token investment.

In the last 10 days, the Pepe token surged by nearly 1000% and this impressive performance succeeded in attracting huge numbers of retail Investors. 

Crypto experts noted that people should be aware of Pepe token investment because Pepe token trade volume is plunging significantly and probably it is a hint that the Pepe token is now losing popularity.

Over the last 24 hours, the trade volume from the Pepe token market plunged by nearly 54%. 

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