Saylor Bullish on Bitcoin: $10 Million Price Prediction


Michael Saylor, the outspoken leader of business intelligence firm MicroStrategy, isn’t shying away from bold claims about Bitcoin. In a recent podcast interview, he not only reiterated his belief that Bitcoin will reach a staggering $10 million per coin, but also suggested it could become the key to “economic immortality” for companies and even entire nations like China.

Right from the start, the interview throws viewers into Saylor’s enthusiastic world. Short clips showcase his audacious price prediction: “the cost of Bitcoin’s going to go up to ten million dollars a coin.” These are interwoven with characteristically bombastic statements like, “What’s the difference between perfect money and imperfect money? Perfect money is economic immortality. Imperfect money is: we all have a short, brutal life.”

Beyond his belief that Bitcoin represents the future of money, Saylor paints a picture of Bitcoin as a kind of corporate immortality machine. He throws out a thought experiment: “what if I told you I could make your company live forever?”

In his view, Bitcoin renders everything that came before it in economics obsolete. He doesn’t mince words, calling traditional economics “pseudoscience” and a “quasi-religious liberal art” filled with personal biases and opinions. He further criticizes economists for attempting to understand economic laws through outdated tools like “seashells, glass beads, pieces of paper, and credit instruments.”

Saylor’s central argument hinges on the idea that companies investing in Bitcoin are better positioned for long-term survival compared to those clinging to outdated practices. He highlights the short lifespan of corporations, stating, “The average life expectancy of a corporation is something like 10 years.” Bitcoin, according to Saylor, offers a solution: “We’re talking about eliminating corporate mortality, we’re talking about stretching economic vitality easily by a factor of 10, maybe by a factor of a hundred, maybe by a factor of a million.”

Saylor isn’t shy about elaborating on his vision. He not only expresses his belief in widespread Chinese adoption of Bitcoin, but also reiterates his long-held prediction of a single Bitcoin reaching a staggering $10 million in value.

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