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NBA Champion Stephen Curry Releases NFTs on Polygon: Details


“Greatest three-point shooter of all time” Releases nearly 3000 NFTs in celebration of his most recent record

On December. 14th, triple NBA winner and MVP double Stephen Curry scored his 2,974th three-pointer, breaking his previous “eternal” record by Hall of Hall of Famer Ray Allen. By 2021, the event will have no chance of not being immortalized by digital collectibles.

Stephen Curry and Under Armour announce NFT drop

To commemorate this remarkable accomplishment, Golden State Warriors’ Curry made the decision to release the shoes he donned during the record-breaking match.

Stephen Curry dropped his metaverse wearable on the price of $MATIC #Polygon

Probably nothing…

— THE MAYOR OF MATIC (@MayorOfMatic) December 23, 2021

So, 2974 NFTs showing the Genesis Curry Flow shoe by Under Armour are available for auction on online marketplaces for collectibles. As per Under Armour representatives, all shoes are compatible with three worlds: Gala Games, Decentraland and Sandbox.

As per ESPN’s sources 200 of the NFTs are expected to be presented to people who followed Curry. Curry on his journey which includes his family, friends as well as teachers as well as the Warriors the fan base.

The initial price for purpose-built landing pages were as low as $333. Right now the price is $333. Curry’s NFTs are trading on OpenSea with high price increases.

NFT users can purchase one of the highest-priced items in the NFT collection, for $911,000 at press time.

Basketball champion NFT veteran

Additionally the NFTs in this collection will help fuel this “Eat. Learn. Play” charity campaign that aims towards “unlocking the potential” of each child.

The majority of celebs are joining the NFT mania train in the latter half of 2021 Stephen Curry is not new to this particular segment. The year before, he was a part of the first celebrity-backed CryptoKittie.

As reported by U.Today before the legendary basketball guard was back in web3 in September. Web3 space in September.


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