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Making Money with Betting Has Never Been so Easy: Dexsport Is Changing the Gaming Landscape with the Help of DeFi and NFT |


The Dexsport project, a platform for earning money through betting and Play-to-earn gaming, announced the launch of its native token DESU on the mainnet. Dexsport invites all sports and game fans to start earning on completely new conditions, without intermediaries and with guaranteed payouts. In less than a month, Dexsport has quintupled its liquidity pool to $537,500 and has already grown to 2,500 users. Dexsport is in many ways a unique project that aims to make games a source of income for millions. We`ll tell you how the project differs from other betting platforms.

Betting Market Unprecedented Growth

Over the past few years, especially given the pandemic and widespread quarantines, when millions of people were forced to stay at home and look for alternative sources of income, the gambling and betting market has grown rapidly. Its growth was especially influenced by the development of digital technologies. The capitalization of the gambling and betting market is now estimated at almost $900 billion.

DeFi investment has grown by over 300% in 2021, with $78B locked in industry protocols to date. At the same time, investments in the GameFi sphere, inspired by DeFi and traditional gaming, increased to 4 billion in 2021!  And this is far from the limit as the industry has great potential for growth and innovation.

What Hinders the Betting Industry Development?

In betting, as in no other industry, the monopoly of large operators has a deterrent effect. These are bookmakers that control payouts and require users to pass identification, often block transactions and may refuse to pay out winnings. This causes many to abandon betting as a source of income, even if they are well versed in sports and would like to earn from their knowledge.

The solution to the betting problem becomes possible thanks to the creation of blockchain technology and decentralized finance tools. Blockchain is a decentralized journal absolutely transparent for checkouts, where all transactions are recorded.

The technology allows players to be sure that their winnings will be paid out, because the fact of winning is recorded in an immutable register, and their money will be credited automatically thanks to smart contract tech. The unique betting platform based on blockchain technology was created by the young and ambitious DEXSport project, which believes that the betting market should be ruled by justice and order.

What is Dexsport?

Dexsport is an innovative project that changes the way users think about betting. It is the first web3 betting platform where users play with a shared pool of liquidity and receive their winnings via the blockchain. The decentralized platform format was chosen due to the transparency of procedures and the growing popularity of the DAO type of organization. DeFi provides unique opportunities for players in the field of betting. By playing through a decentralized protocol, players no longer need the bookmakers.

dApps, unlike their centralized counterparts, run on decentralized blockchain networks and are designed to operate without the use of third-party intermediaries. Instead, DEXSport uses self-executing smart contracts that are coded to automate platform functions. This dynamic has significant implications for the future of online betting, including improved user experience and verifiable fairness.

“The introduction of blockchain tech is a huge step forward for betting platforms,” says Dexsport Strategy lead Nikita Vassev. “Decentralization helps to improve contact with the audience: now users can see what’s inside the gambling and betting ecosystem, how transactions take place and how easy it is to get your winnings. We made the platform as modern as possible by implementing NFT, P2E and DeFi tools on it. This makes us the project that attracts two large groups of common audience: blockchain users, and betting enthusiasts, for whom the main advantage will be the simplification of the user experience. It is easy and safe to receive your DeFi winnings at Dexsport, unlike classic platforms, and this is what will attract millions of users to us.”

Dexsport competitive advantages

Today it is impossible to find full-fledged analogues of Dexsport on the market. However, looking at some other blockchain-based projects as competitors, such as Augur and Stox, Dexsport’s significant advantage becomes obvious.

The main advantages of Dexsport are fast transactions, smart contracts, P2P betting platform, open-source code for bookmakers, the single token for economy, different themes for betting, LIVE betting, no intermediaries, no blocking of players, instant payouts, liquidity pool. All these features are not represented in such a full volume on any of the existing platforms.

All payments on the platform are ensured by the liquidity pool with near-instant settlements. All the necessary information uncovering the Token Utility is available on the official website in the Tokenomics section. Please, forward your questions directly to Dexsport official Telegram group or email [email protected]




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