Inside Immersion Cooling: The Pros And Cons Of Bitcoin Mining’s Rapidly-Growing Practice



Scott’s Mining Conference, hosted in Round Rock, Texas on February 7 and 8, featured a panel entitled “Immersion” with five panelists: David Branscum (director of business development at Midas Immersion Cooling), Justin Podhola (founder and CEO of Elite Mining Inc.), Scot Johnson (CEO of Digital Shovel), Jonathan Yuan (owner of Coin Heated LLC) and Gary Testa (president and CEO of Engineered Fluids); and it was moderated by Tone Vays (host of Unconfiscatible Conference and avid Bitcoiner).

The panelists universally agreed that immersion cooling is the future of Bitcoin mining, and the following is a summary of said panel with a light introduction to mining for the uninitiated.


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