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HUMAN Protocol Launches Its App in Mainnet: 200,000 Users Onboarded in Beta


A new app is set to alter the narrative of job search in 2021 thanks to cryptocurrency technology and the HMT token

HUMAN App, a leading product to help you find jobs using the HUMAN Protocol, has successfully implemented and launched its mainnet version. Through its tools, anyone looking for a new job will be able to use blockchain technology to help give their career an edge.

After the 200,000 users who registered in beta, the HUMAN App is now live on the mainnet

As per the formal announcement made through the HUMAN Protocol, its core product, the HUMAN App, is now in the Beta testing stage. The mainnet version of the app was launched on December. 22, 2021.

Layer after layer after layer. Creativity, technology, community. Achievements? Yes. 2021 was a decade of discoveries and development for HUMAN building the foundations for the bigger events to come in 2022!

— HUMAN Protocol (@human_protocol) December 23, 2021

This app allows users to post jobs and search for employees who are on blockchain. All data that is displayed is validated by blockchain. This means that they can’t be erased and replaced with fake data or even censored.

Users can perform “labeling” tasks to receive the digital assets of this protocol. HMT. In the beta testnets over 200, 000 decentralization enthusiasts signed up their accounts through the HUMAN App.

Harjyot Singh, director of technology at HUMAN Protocol describes how the version for the mainnet of HUMAN App acts as an open and unrestricted access point to the latest job market:

The HUMAN App is a demonstration of what’s possible using the HUMAN Protocol which includes many thousands of people working together in the same network through an easy interface that acts as an entry point for the vast job markets that the Protocol provides. We’re delighted with the results in the first beta release as well as the interest of our community in it and are thrilled to announce this significant achievement.

In the wake of Ethereum and Polygon More blockchains are expected to follow

The application currently runs with two popular blockchains that work to Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) that is, Ethereum as well as Polygon. In the coming months, additional smart contract platforms will be incorporated by HUMAN Protocol.

In order to withdraw HMT rewards to withdraw HMT rewards, the Polygon Network is used: customers must create an Polygon (MATIC) Account. KYC confirmation for withdrawals is performed by a third-party service Civic.

The 2022 version of HUMAN App will add new functions, including the possibility to manage their image as well as customize their interests for work as well as provide details about their qualifications as well as a tracker for their careers that has been proven to work.


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