How Bitcoin Fits With ‘Beautiful Mind’ Mathematician John Nash’s Ideal Money



“I think of the possibility that a good sort of international currency might EVOLVE before the time when an official establishment might occur….

Here I am thinking of a politically neutral form of a technological utility rather than of a money which might, for example, be used to exert pressures in a conflict situation comparable to ‘the cold war’.”

–“Ideal Money And Asymptotically Ideal Money

The Age of MMT And Money Printing

In the age of Keynesian economics evolving toward Modern Monetary Theory, where governments confidently try to print their way out of the “COVID crisis,” seemingly with impunity, we can understand how Bitcoin would be favored from the libertarian viewpoint. This is something that Satoshi foresaw when Bitcoin was in its infancy, writing that, “It’s very attractive to the libertarian viewpoint if we can explain it properly.”


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