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Esports organization 100 Thieves is known to be on the cutting edge of culture, often described as the “hoodie org” by esports loyalists who have competitive gaming at the forefront. However, 100 Thieves (100T) and it’s founder Nadeshot have honed in on bringing an unparalleled balance of cultural relevance and competitive execution.

What better way to do that than to offer a free NFT that reflects the organization’s recent LCS Championship win?

100 Thieves: Moving With Intent

Last August, 100 Thieves won the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS), one of the biggest championship series events in competitive gaming. With the win, the org awarded players a diamond 100 Thieves necklace. The organization is continuing that celebration with their latest NFT release.

The NFT is available for a limited time on a 100 Thieves dedicated webpage, and is a rotating image of the diamond chains that were awarded to the players.

In a LinkedIn post, 100 Thieves President and COO John Robinson described the organization’s intent as one that is “avoiding speculative assets or overpromising utility,” adding that “Web3 will be a long-term project for us.” Take a look at his full statement on LinkedIn below:

The organization released their first NFT back in April last year with their ‘Enter Infinity’ collection, which debuted in tandem with a merchandise release. Since then, gaming has cemented itself as a particularly rigid industry for NFTs, as the traditional gaming audience seemingly hasn’t established trust around the idea that NFTs can positively impact the gaming experience. 100T is clearly looking to aggressively shift that narrative.

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Polygon continues to find itself as a prime NFT alternative for major brands and companies that are looking for ownable NFT experiences for consumers. | Source: MATIC-USD on

Polygon With A Gaming & Sports NFT Push?

Polygon has shown clear initiative in being a whitelabel solution for major NFT brands and properties, and today’s NFT release is no exception. So while Polygon has shown itself to be a solution for major firms, including most recently the Associated Press, there is also clear intent from Polygon to be a player in gaming too.

Just last week, YouTube’s head of gaming Ryan Wyatt announced his departure from the Google-owned site, and shared that he will start as Polygon Studios CEO as soon as March. It all started earlier last year with the formation of Polygon Studios. Polygon, later in 2021, matched up with Ticketmaster and the NFL to roll out NFL ticket stub NFTs for football fans.

There’s clear potential in this space, and while Polygon isn’t the only dog in the race, they’re showing clear initiative in being a leader.

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