Bitmanu Releases First 3nm Bitcoin ASIC Miners



  • Bitmanu announces 3nm bitcoin mining ASICs.
  • The pioneering architecture enables lower power-consumption and higher hashrate than current market miners.
  • One of the earliest iterations of 3nm bitcoin mining chips to hit the market.

Bitmanu, an ASIC manufacturing startup, has announced their entrance into bitcoin mining with the simultaneous announcement of three 3-nanometer (nm) mining rigs. These are some of the earliest 3nm mining rigs to hit the market, and are typically profitable after only one month of operation, according to a press release.

The BM1, BM2, and BM Pro bitcoin miners output an impressive amount of hashpower – the amount of hashes a machine can solve per second. The BM Pro is the leading machine, being able to perform 1,950 terahashes per second (TH/s), followed by the BM2, which outputs 610 TH/s. The BM1 miner is the least powerful of the trio, reaching 380 TH/s of hashrate capacity.


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