Bitcoin And Those Who Represented Its Principles Across Time



A record-setting year is coming to a close. Bitcoin is stronger than it was a year ago by many multiples. Dipping a toe into mainstream news again, the network has been reminded again of how much the establishment does not want to lose their grip on the finances of this world. Elon Musk’s environmental and social governance tweeting, the China miner ban, the International Monetary Fund’s threats to El Salvador, the U.S. infrastructure bill’s hidden tax, China’s cryptocurrency trading ban, and fiat inflation woes have all had their shots at the antifragile behemoth. Looking back on this year we can gain much wisdom and courage as we face 2022. We can look further back at the legacy of individuals, explicitly one per century of United States history, whose lives were defined and imperiled by their conviction to defend the natural rights of humans. Bitcoin is property rights and freedom preserved in encrypted code. This technology is the evolution of security that the likes of George Mason, Fredrick Douglass, and Malcom X would have loved to experience.


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