As Freedom Convoy Gets Stronger, Canada Broadens ‘Terrorist Financing’ Rules



The below is a direct excerpt of Marty’s Bent Issue #1163: “If at first you don’t succeed label peaceful protestors ‘terrorists’ and forcibly take their money.” Sign up for the newsletter here.

Well that escalated quickly. We’ve been covering the Freedom Convoy in Canada over the last few weeks. When we first wrote about the subject, GoFundMe had shutdown a campaign dedicated to the cause after being pressured by the Canadian government. In light of this bitcoiners sprung into action to spin up a Tallycoin campaign so that organizers could receive funds directly to wallets that they controlled, eliminating the potential for a trusted third party to freeze and seize the funds. Over the course of last week, that particular campaign gained a lot of traction and attention from the press as many from around the world sent billions of satoshis. Highlighting bitcoin’s value prop in relation to the traditional monetary and payment systems that dominate today.

Fast forward to today, the Freedom Convoy is going strong and only getting stronger as truckers and those who have joined them have successfully blocked critical commerce routes to send a message to those in power within the Canadian government a message; the protesters are dead serious about getting their rights back. They are digging their feet in and forcing the issue while using peaceful means of non-violent protest that sends a message.

The actions taken by the Canadian government to invoke their Emergencies Act, which hasn’t been invoked in many decades, to give banks full discretion to freeze and seize funds held in bank accounts and target bitcoin crowdfunding campaigns collecting funds as well is nothing short of egregious Authoritarianism. This move is especially rich coming from a Prime Minister who was asking his countrymen to #ThankATrucker less than two years ago.


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