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1.6 Billion XRP Moved by Whales and Exchanges for Second Consecutive Day


Exchanges and whales that are anonymous have been sending more than 1 billion XRP coins for the second day in a row, as XRP attempts to recover $1

In the last twenty-four hours, the top digital exchanges and anon cryptocurrency addresses have transferred an astonishing 1.686 million dollars worth of XRP according to information provided with Whale Alert and the XRP analytics service Bithomp.

It is now the 2nd consecutive day the mentioned crypto tracking platform has identified more than a billion XRP coins being transferred by the major players in the crypto market.

As of the writing time, XRP, ranked 7 on CoinMarketCap It is trading at $0.9196 and is trying to get back to the $1 level it briefly surpassed on the 23rd of December.

Over one billion XRP get moved once more

Whale Alert spread the word about 22 transactions XRP which comprised the total amount of 1.68 billion coins from different digital exchanges. Certain of the XRP lumps were transferred through anonymized digital wallets according to Bithomp.

Certain transfers included lumps of more than 100 million and more than 225 million XRP. One was executed by the most reputable Korean Bithumb, the largest exchange in Korea (103,000,020 XRP equivalent to $100,014,220).

103,000,019 #XRP (100,014,224 USD) transferred from #Bithumb to unknown wallet

— Whale Alert (@whale_alert) December 24, 2021

A total of 225,110,200 XRP were transferred between wallets that were marked as “unknown”. This is equivalent to $217,828,270.

1.6 billion XRP smuggled in huge lumps

A transferthat carried the same amount of cryptocurrency (225,110,160 XRP) was also done via an anonymous wallet Binance. Binance exchange. Binance later transferred 225,117280 XRP to a different wallet that was not anonymous however, Bithomp service discovered that the transfer was an internal movement of cryptocurrency by the CZ-run exchange.

Other XRP transfer transactions were handled through FTX exchange Bitfinex and, once more Binance (acting both as a sender as well as recipient), Bitstamp, Coinone and Bittrex.

A variety of transactions with a value of 60 million, between 79 and 95 million XRP were completed between wallets that were anonymous.

All in all $1,479 billion worth of XRP has been transferred in the last 24 hours.

On the 24th of December U.Today revealed that a comparable amount of cryptocurrency, 1.176 billion XRP was transferred by the Ripple giant ODL platforms, and addresses that have no registered owners.


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